2015. december 29.

Cheap and good - part 1.

I don't use much drugstore products. Mainly because I've tried too much of those and I was too often disappointed, secondly as one of my friends mom says 'Darling, we don't have enough money for cheap things'. But time to time I give a chance... And sometimes I'm satisfied. :)

2015. december 18.

Lazy chick

I've been thinking about a lot what and how to blog here. I am lazy. I mean really. It would be sooo exhausting to post in English, in Finnish and in Hungarian too. So I made a decision: I choose English and this would fit for all. At least for me. 😁 But, of course, the main point is to practice English as well. 🤓

2015. december 13.

Por lepte

Barátok, akik tudják, mire van szükséged, s olyan bogarat ültetnek a fejedbe, ami aztán rejtett ajtókat nyit ki? Vannak. Az ajtókon pedig most már Ti is belépést nyertek.