2016. február 20.

I'm searching for the Volunteer of March

Every month I offer a sample, a travel size or a full size product for a Volunteer who will test it and will write a review.

2016. február 7.

Big disappointments - part 1.

I like my eyelashes - expect that they are straights. I would have never thought that the straightness would be weird and horrifying. And I've not told everything yet...

2016. február 6.

Cheap and good - part 3.

Girls with acne-prone skin! Can you imagine your skin with no/less breakouts? I have good news! Now you can. ;)

2016. február 2.

Organic skincare: better by default?

Thanks to Paula Begoun and her work I've learned a lot about ingredients. So when it comes to acne skincare, I put my magnifying glasses on.