2016. január 31.

Dry/atopic skin vs. winter 5:0

A lot of us suffer from itchy, dry skin during winter time. Today I list you the lip products I use. (Please, check the previous posts about shower products, body treatments, hand creams and face products.)
I finally get my little Panasonic Lumix G camera ready to work: I hope you enjoy more my own photos than googled ones. :)

2016. január 30.

Service of a kind

I'm trying to make partnership with different companies. Dr. Hauschka Suomi (webpage and facebook) is a superior brand and has a superior customer service too.

2016. január 27.

Hormonal acne and chemical sunscreens

I've noticed that my skin just doesn't make friendships with foundations with chemical sunscreens. I haven't understand why... Until now.

2016. január 25.

2016. január 20.

The Pow(d)er of Makeup

As I've fought with acne almost a year (again in my lifetime, as in teen ages wouldn't have been enough...), I had to realize that liquid foundations are not suitable for me. I switched to powder foundations and loose powders. Today I'd like to show you those 5 products I've tried. Spoiler: not all of them have been good...

2016. január 18.

Dry/atopic skin vs. winter 3:0

A lot of us suffer from itchy, dry skin during winter time. Today I show you the products that have helped moisturize my hands. (If you are interested in shower products, please check this; if body treatments are in your periscope, click here.)

2016. január 11.

Dry/atopic skin vs. winter 2:0

A lot of us suffer from itchy, dry skin during winter time. Here's a list of body treatments that have helped me. (If you are interested in shower products, just click here.)

2016. január 7.

My skin nightmare called acne

As a Young Lady I had troubles with my skin. I used isotretinoin treatment and I thought this is the end of story. Nope... Not at all.
I've never thought I got acne again after the age 30. But this is the awful truth... Last year I've tried almost all possibilities to get rid of it. Here are those products that have been effectives for me.

The main point has been: nothing drying at all. So no alcohols (except fatty ones), no drying components. Thanks for that, I don't have anymore oily/combination skin but normal (maybe a slightly oily during summer time).
After I had been trying several liquid foundations, it became clear that all of them cause blemishes to me, so I switched to powder foundations.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
I take off the makeup with that liquid. It's not the best, but gentle and cheap enough to agree with.

Picture: feelunique.com

I use it with Clarisonic Mia 2 to clean my skin (and take off the makeup remains). It slightly dries my face. I don't think I'll purchase it again. I like it but there isn't any wow-effect.
Here's is the review from Paula Begoun as she liked this cleanser much more than me.

Picture: Kiehl's
This is the other option for Clarisonic cleaning. I have to say this is the best facial cleanser I've ever used. It doesn't dry my skin at all, it is smooth and gentle.
You can read here the review from Paula.

Picture: allure.com

In my opinion this is the gentlest micellar water on the market. And the most effective also. :)
Paula loves it too (check her review from here).

Picture: the beauty look book

Paula's Choice Resist Skin Transforming Multi-Correction Treatment
It is so strange but in the USA this product is not available. In Europe you can buy from the UK, from Finland, from Hungary etc.
Before this product (and the powder foundations as well) there was no breakthrough in my acne treatment. This was the very first skincare product that helped.
It contains BHA (salicylic acid) BUT it doesn't dry skin at all as it contains enough emollient components. Gentle and effective at the same time.

Picture: Paula's Choice

Avitcid 0,025%mg 
This is an 0,025% tretinoin treatment cream that I use 2 times a day (I avoid my eyes, nose and mouth-chin area) - prescription drug.

Picture: tavarapaljous.blogspot.com

Clinique Super Rescue Antioxidant Night Moisturizer - for Combitaion Oily to Oily Skin
I use this moisturizer on my entire face (around my eyes as well as an eye cream - you can read here why you don't need eye cream at all). My skin absorbs it fast, it doesn't leave a silicone-feeling finish (I like the silicone-soft skin but not at night).
Here is Paula's thoughts. The product is available for all skin types. Paula has reviews for Very Dry to Dry Skin and for Dry Combination Skin too.

Picture: www.amodelrecommends.com

Sisley Tropical Resins Complex
Paula wouldn't be so pleased as I am. She says the myrrh's antibacterial and antifungal properties are not proved and it can be a skin irritant. I don't know how it does but it really does what it says. This is absolutely a HG for me. I've never tried anything like this. It does mattify for the whole day (not drying, mattifying!). When I had purchased a mattifying cream/gel in the past, it did what it did for a couple of days or weeks and that was it. No prolonged mattifying ability. Greasing ability instead. The Sisley has been mattifying me for months every and each day without any oily moments. It minimizes pores in 3-4 days and reduces the excess of sebum (of course, this is just a temporary effect which means it minimizes pores as long as you use the gel).

Picture: Private Edition

Avitcid 0,025% - same as evening
With tretinoin you should use at least 30 spf during daytime. As I live in Finland where's not my sunlight during winter time, I don't use spf YET. :)


I'm planning to write a post about my powders some day. :)

I bought all products myself. All thoughts are mine. The post is not sponsored.

2016. január 5.

Cheap and good - part 2.

I don't use much drugstore products. Mainly because I've tried too much of those and I was too often disappointed, secondly as one of my friends mom says 'Darling, we don't have enough money for cheap things'. But time to time I give a chance... And sometimes I'm satisfied. :)

2016. január 4.

Dry/atopic skin vs. winter 1:0

A lot of us suffer from itchy, dry skin during winter time. Here's a list of shower products that have helped me.

2016. január 3.

2016. január 2.

Chanel, my dear

My last year's absolute favorite beauty guru was Wayne Goss. I often visit his page where was a funny test a few days ago about Which Makeup Brand Should You Use?. I got Chanel.