2016. január 31.

Dry/atopic skin vs. winter 5:0

A lot of us suffer from itchy, dry skin during winter time. Today I list you the lip products I use. (Please, check the previous posts about shower products, body treatments, hand creams and face products.)
I finally get my little Panasonic Lumix G camera ready to work: I hope you enjoy more my own photos than googled ones. :)

I have to say without drinking enough water (around 2,5-3 liters a day! Yes, I've written it correctly: THAT much at least! ;) ) you can put whatever you want on your lips, nothing will help.
I'm not a big lip balm user and I have alternatives as I'm a lip gloss fan nowadays. So maybe I can offer more alternatives than real treatments. :D

First, let's check the treatments!

I think it's a very iconic product from the Dior House. It promises plumping affect but I haven't noticed that. It offers spf 10 what I don't really use as I put the balm overnight.
It's a bit greasy that's why it locks moisture so well into the lips. The rosy scent is long lasting and decent.

L'Occitane Shea Butter
In this post you can read more about this product.
On lips the butter doesn't feel so greasy, it is more slippery but it's not disturbing at all.

On lips it's non-sticky. It is not enough for dried lips, it just takes care, doesn't give any extra hydration.

And now the alternatives! :D

MAC Mineralize Glass in Beautiful Moves (LE, not available any more)
I haven't tried other Mineralize Glasses but I can guess the others know exactly the same as this. It is not sticky at all. You feel a watery smooth surface between your lips. It disappears/absorbs quite quickly so this alternative is best for short trips.

Burberry First Kiss Fresh Gloss Lip Balm in No. 5 Sweet Plum
Really velvety on lips. The gloss effect doesn't last quite long but the hydration is for the whole day. It is a luxurious lifesaver. ;)

Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tint in Bare Pink

I put on my lips before I leave home. It is a very good base for lip glosses or lipsticks because they are lasting longer and under them the lips are hydrated enough for the day (in that case you don't spend your whole day outside :D ).

Lacome Juicy Tubes in 14 Framboise

The most stickiest lip gloss I've ever tried. That's why I apply it when the wind is blowing. It's almost impossible to remove from your lips. The best barrier maker ever. :)

Smooth, velvety finish, healthy glow on lips. Not so slippery as the Burberry Lip Balm is but the hydration is for the whole day too. 

I bought all products myself. All thoughts are mine. The post is not sponsored.