2016. március 4.

Big disappointments - part 2.

Thanks to Lisa Eldridge Lancôme brings life to the market. That's why I was soo excited about the new Juicy Shakers.

As I saw there's a blue one in the collection, I knew right there, I found my precious one. Let me introduce you the Lancôme Juicy Shaker in No. 400 Mint To Be.
I knew that the lip oil was sheer but I hoped it still left some stain/color on my lips. Not really. Yes, it is sheer: that much that you have to put a quite huge amount on your lips if you want to see some color. But be careful! 'Cause it flows really easily everywhere. You can out it without a mirror but I can not really suggest that. I tried once: not anymore, thanks. 

So no color, no easy applying and no hydration. Unfortunately it does nothing on my lips. As spring is coming, my nose felt it immediately and my allergy began. So my Cupid bow and lips are dried out.
I started to put the Shaker on my lips but no effects. It disappears in a few minutes and that's it. No hydration at all.

I think it is the most useless lip oil in the market and a waist of money too.

I bought the product myself. All thoughts are mine. The post is not sponsored.