2016. január 18.

Dry/atopic skin vs. winter 3:0

A lot of us suffer from itchy, dry skin during winter time. Today I show you the products that have helped moisturize my hands. (If you are interested in shower products, please check this; if body treatments are in your periscope, click here.)

(In Hungarian and in Finnish)
This product is a very good basic hand cream. It does do a really good barrier. I use it above another hand cream to "lock the goods into the skin".
It doesn't leave greasy feeling and skin absorbs it quickly.

Picture: La Roche-Posay

It contains 5% urea (carbamide) and glycerin, and fortunately not fragranced. 
You can find other versions with 5% carbamide, this is just a cheap and effective alternative.

This is a very liquid lotion, absorbs very quickly. I use it after every hand wash. Cheap and work well.
This page offers worldwide delivery.


Picture: Essex

(Hungarian and Finnish versions)
It contains 20% shea (karité) butter, absorbs well and it is just a bit greasy after applying. Before I go outside I apply it liberally, this is my shield under the gloves. I like this cream very much, really a hand saver in Finnish winter (in the beginning the strong fragrance bothered me but I've got used to it).

Picture: L'Occitane

(Hungarian and Finnish versions)
This is the HG from all. Okay, it is a body butter but it is sooooo rich what makes it perfect for nightshifts on hands. :)

Picture: Paula's Choice

All products I bought myself. All thoughts are mine. The post is not sponsored.