2016. január 20.

The Pow(d)er of Makeup

As I've fought with acne almost a year (again in my lifetime, as in teen ages wouldn't have been enough...), I had to realize that liquid foundations are not suitable for me. I switched to powder foundations and loose powders. Today I'd like to show you those 5 products I've tried. Spoiler: not all of them have been good...

When I searched for a powder foundation the main thing was to be without any spf at all 'cause I think the chemical sunscreens may cause me breakouts (I don't have enough experiences but I have nor time, neither enough nerves to test it for sure).
It offers a medium coverage and comes with a handy sponge but I don't use it much (for me it's for touch ups but during work I don't do any touch up at all - as I'm a dentist and it is not so hygienic at all). First I used a beautyblender for the application but it was quite difficult, so I started to use the M.A.C. 182 Buffer Brush what has worked really well.
It has a chalky finish but that's why I use the M.A.C. Fix+.
Wayne Goss shows you how to use the powder wet here and dry here!

Picture: Amazon

It offers a light medium coverage, it blurs better than covers that's why in the beginning I used it as a base and above it I put the M.A.C. Studio Fix Powder Foundation. My bare skin likes this more than the Studio Fix. The M.A.C. is not bad at all, just the bareMinerals is better for my skin.
The finish is not as chalky as with Studio Fix and I don't have to use the Fix+ because the loose powder is enough to create a flawless look.
Although I use it liberally, it doesn't seem to dwindle quickly.
Wayne Goss tells you his opinion about the product here if you are interested.

Picture: Sephora

Well... It hasn't prolonged the lifetime of my powder foundations in any combination (Blemish Remedy+Studio Fix+this, Blemish Remedy+this, Studio Fix+this). It can work with liquid foundations, I haven't tried that.
It doesn't offer any coverage even if I use it liberally.

Picture: emmagem.com

Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre in No. 30 Naturel - Transparent 2
I wrote about this product not so long ago. Check the review here!

Picture: Makeup Alley

I have never ever felt and seen such a great powder on my face like this. It's so smooth, so luxury, so velvety on skin that you can imagine. I don't know how it does but it transforms the powder foundations into no-makeup. I mean the coverage is the same but you do not recognize any powder on the skin. Unbelievable.
It doesn't offer any coverage at all.
For Finnish readers I suggest a post to read, in Purkkimafia Mari Anniina wrote about this loose powder recently (click here).

Picture: The Beauty Club

I bought all products myself. All thoughts are mine. The post is not sponsored.