2016. január 27.

Hormonal acne and chemical sunscreens

I've noticed that my skin just doesn't make friendships with foundations with chemical sunscreens. I haven't understand why... Until now.

I've been following my period and my skin condition for a long time. And it really makes sense. Recently I discovered an absolutely important fact: certain chemical sunscreens do have hormone-like effect on skin. Ta-daaa! Problem solved. :)


EWG's page says homosalate, octinoxate (octylmethoxycinnamate) and oxybenzone (benzophenone-3) have hormone-like activity.


Smartskincare.com informs only about octinoxate, nothing about homosalate, nor oxybenzone


This article accumulates all articles I've found on pubmed.org (it's a webpage with scientific medical articles) about this theme. BUT! These researches are still not enough to scientifically prove that these chemical sunscreens disrupt hormone activities (in vitro and in vivo can be totally different, rats are not humans etc... probably a meta-analysis could be able to explain us what happens).
For me oxybenzone and octinoxate have caused acne in a day: not much but enough to stop using the product. Homosalate-oxybenzone combo is the worst acne-nightmare I have experienced. So I stay with physical sunscreens. ;)