2016. január 2.

Chanel, my dear

My last year's absolute favorite beauty guru was Wayne Goss. I often visit his page where was a funny test a few days ago about Which Makeup Brand Should You Use?. I got Chanel.

The fact that was long ago when I bought Chanel last time, made me think. What Chanel do I have now? Do I have anything from Chanel? Yes, I really do. Here's my Chanel list. <3

Isn't the name itself sooo wonderful? If you don't see the product itself, you still feel like to buy it just because of its name, don't you? In real life it is the same: a dream.
The gloss has shimmer with mainly rosy gold particles. It is not sticky, a bit "slippery" instead. It gives some hydration but let's just not to expect too much 'cos it's not a lip balm. I don't know how long it lasts - before it happens I drink, eat or put my mask on (I'm a dentist).

Picture: Temptalia

Chanel Rouge Coco No. 454 Jean
I love Coco lipsticks for the shades and for the hydration (I think Coco Shine hydrates more). With Jean, we had love at first sight. Okay. Not we. I did. Deeply. Hopelessly. It was out of question that we needed a relationship. Or I needed, of course. :)
The bluish pink (Officially is described as a deep fuchsia. About Temptalia Christine it's a brightened, medium fuchsia magenta with strong, blue undertones and a very fine shimmer and glossy sheen.) is a very good match with my NC 20-25 skin. It doesn't move or run out, it leaves a quite good stain on lips and fades out evenly.

Picture: Temptalia

Chanel Joues Contraste No. 80 Jersey
I don't know am I the daydream or the nightmare of beauty houses but when I go to get something what I've figured out, I want exactly that tone, shade or colour. There are no other options and I get obsessed: fanatically. I don't agree anything else.
I was wondering around that afternoon and trying on some this and that. I always check the LE stuff - usually just for updating my beauty database. But that time... I was not able not to want it, it was THE blush I'd ever wanted.
It is a muted, peachy brown with subtle gold shimmer - says the official description. But it is more than that: smooth, melts in my skin like nothing else ever since and lasts all day. I really love Chanel blushes but t.h.i.s . i.s . j.u.s.t . a.m.a.z.i.n.g!

If Chanel blushes... I tried recently a cream one. At the store I was wondering who would like a clown-red blush for herself. Officially this is described as a deep pink. Temptalia Christine says it looks rather red in the pan, and applied, it's more like a reddish-pink with subtle cool undertones and a satin-matte finish. To me, it's just clown-red. :D
At the store I put on my cheeks just for fun. It was really clown-alike. :D After I blended it very well, it looked sooo fresh and alive. Like the colour on cheeks that the winter chill bites. Perfectly delicious. It's extremely pigmented and extremely long lasting (even under my mask too!) - I've never met such a solid blush. As I need just a hint on my brush, it will last at least for the next 100 years, even if I use it every single day. :D

Picture: Temptalia

It is a peachy, glittery eyeshadow. At the first sight it's nothing special. After touching it, I started to become obsessed. It's super soft and sponge-like when you touch it. Okay, I think my obsession at first was mainly the fact that I had never felt so fluffy creamy eyeshadow before and I wanted to definitely own one after trying this. :)
It blends easily and very well with fingers (I've never tried other ways). It stays all day (and maybe longer too) without fading. I think this will also last a couple of decades as not needed to use much product at once. :)

Picture: Temptalia

Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre No. 30 Naturel - Transparent 2
This powder is close to my heart. Acne doesn't allow me to use fluid foundations, only powder ones. It is very challenging to make my foundation long lasting because of the mask I wear almost all day. And I don't want touch ups through the day because I don't want to transfer to the container all the bacterias I have on my face after drilling teeth. I had been wondering a lot, was it worth to fix the powder foundation with another powder... The proof of the pudding is in the eating. :)
The answer is a very huge YES. I don't say it doesn't fade through the day. Come on, I hasn't even had such a nonsense expectation as I put usually 6-10 masks on a day. BUT! After the workday my foundation still covers enough.

Generous application offers a sheer coverage (above the foundation) too, otherwise it is transparent. The finish is soft matte as the texture is extremely fine. 

Picture: Chanel

I bought the products myself. All thoughts are mine. This post is not sponsored.