2016. február 7.

Big disappointments - part 1.

I like my eyelashes - expect that they are straights. I would have never thought that the straightness would be weird and horrifying. And I've not told everything yet...

I was searching for my next favorite mascara. As Wayne Goss had a good review on youtube from Nars Audacious Mascara, I ordered it as well.

The head looks amazing but it's not. It takes too much mascara on and the silicone bristles are too soft to separate the clumped eyelashes. Although it is black, I mean really gorgeous black I can see no big difference with and without mascara, even if I put 2-3 layers. After 2-3 weeks using, I was not able put more than 2 layers because the mascara dried too fast.

In the beginning it was ok. Not good, not bad. Average. Usable. That's it. I was able to use it around 1-2 weeks but after that the nightmare began. I thought I lost my ability to put an ordinary mascara on. After trying and trying and trying it again and again the results were exactly the same all the time. That wasn't anymore average just bad, disgusting, clumpy. It is just unusable.

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