2016. február 10.

Unbelievable thing happened

Do you remember when I wrote about that I cannot use liquid foundation because it breaks me out? Not any more. :)

After a lot of testers and disappointments, I've found the one that my skin tolerates (maybe there are others but I'm not in a testing mood any more).

This is for 2 and 3 skin types (Clinique classification: 2 is dry-combination and 3 is combination-oily). It promises hydration on dry areas and mattifying the oily ones. According to Paula there's no such a thing that would be capable of that: I do believe her but I also know that placebo is one of the best things ever. And as my dermatologist friend says with problematic skin the best treatment is placebo. :) So let's just agree that it can be a good foundation if we want to. And why not?

It gives sheer coverage but it's very easily buildable. This water-in-silicone consistency was a bit weird for the first time. I thought the finish would be greasy and at the end of the day I would be a disco ball. Nope. Not exactly.
After washing my face and use toner, I just put some serum around my eyes: that's it. No moisturizer at all. My skin is slightly dry-slightly oily but normal at the moment, so it gives me as much moisture as I need. Perfect.

The finish is dewy. I put some Chanel powder over it and that is enough for the all day: no shining, no fading (not even with my dental masks). No breakouts.

I bought the product myself. All thoughts are mine. The post is not sponsored.